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IS Your windows Not Booting ?
Is your Windows booting v.Slow?
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Save valuable time by reducing the age it takes Windows to come to life

If you’ve ever used a PC running a mature version of Windows – that is, one that has been installed and used for quite some time, and that has had numerous freeware and paid-for applications installed on it – you’ll know that the overall speed and responsiveness is generally much slower than a freshly installed copy of Windows. The same thing is also true of the boot speed. A mature Windows installation can take noticeably longer to reach the desktop than a brand new installation.

That said, even a freshly installed copy of Windows isn’t quite as fast as it could be when it comes to the boot process. Windows doesn’t come pre-optimised, especially when it comes to the processes carried out during the boot cycle. There are many things Windows does during the boot procedure that probably doesn’t even apply to your PC, such as checking for network connections. On a single-user, standalone PC these operations and checks are still carried out, since they are part of the generic Windows boot process – whether you like and need them or not.

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